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Lego® Bricks have existed in one form or another since the 1940's. I came into the world in the mid-1970's, when Lego bricks were becoming quite popular.The first set I owned was a primitive police station that included figurines with statuesque poses.

As Lego® grew, so did I. I began to collect more town sets, including the classics, Main Street and the Exxon Station. I received space and castle sets as gifts, but never became enamored with them as I was with the Town sets.

In 1986 I traveled to Japan with my family and got to experience a culture much different from the one I was raised in. The new places were exciting, the people were interesting, the views were breathtaking, and the Lego® sets were different, too! I stocked up on a bunch of new sets, like a single family house, cars, and trucks.

When I returned home I had some trouble adjusting back to Eastern Standard Time, so Lego® building was my therapy. I began what was to become Metrolegoland, a not-so-planned community.

Initial help came from many people. My parents supplied most of my bricks in the beginning. My friend Josh donated his stockpile of bricks, and helped with construction too. Doug, from next door, built some cool things, like an attack helicopter (which I still possess). My brother, Nicholas, added some touches in the early stages as well. Patrick from down the street helped too.

As the eighties came to a close, Metrolegoland was dedicated and the city expanded from Upper Metrolegoland (downtown) into Lower Metrolegoland (disassembled in 1994). High-rises began to appear in 1989, and by 1993 six high-rises shaped the skyline. The contribution of my friend Andrew's Lego® bricks netted two buildings, The Eckert Building and Eckert Industries. As my high school career came to a close, the Marchel Construction Company slowed its business and now produces about one new project per year.

Bigfoot's Dance Club was rebuilt in 1998 after a freak sinkhole incident. The new club is housed in the new Martin Building, right across the street from the construction site of the new Hotel Atalante. The Hotel construction is under way, and completion is expected sometime in the new century.








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